OCD is an abbreviation for ‘obsessive compulsive behaviour’ and the term is widely used to describe people with rather abnormal structured habits or lifestyles.
In a broader sense, some of the following examples may clarify :

Your daughter if fanatically tidy about her home, your mother-in-law stresses about not having closed the garage door and a best friend repaints her fingernails ad nauseum.
However, the persons above are less likely to have OCD because we are perhaps confusing their behaviour patterns with ours which differ somewhat.

OCD is observed across the spectrum and generally categorised as follows :

WASHERS – continually fearing contamination and thus becoming fanatical about cleanliness.
ARRANGERS – these sufferers perform to perfection with emphasis on symmetry with height, length and colour for example.
HOARDERS – have great fear arising from de-cluttering and in some cases even resultant punishment being the perceived outcome.
SECURITY OBSSESSERS – checking and rechecking locks, alarm systems and electric fence activity is part of the “game”.
COUNTERS AND RE-COUNTERS – focus on objects and even money at times , resulting in a reasonably well off person living in frugal conditions due to hording of cash.
RELIGIOUS OBSESSORS – performing rituals due to fear of reprisals such as punishment.
REPEATED BODY MOVEMENT SUFFERERS – resulting in what doctors call “motor tics” such as excessive blinking, shoulder shrugging and picking at skin and particularly nails.

Although the exact cause of OCD has not been identified, scientists suggest that a number of issues could be involved ranging from neuro-anatomical factors to mal-regulation of serotonin.
A precursor might even be a traumatic event such as the death of a loved one.

In the majority of cases, calming actions can be of assistance and detract from the present issue.
Having less noise and turbulence is useful as is a session for massage in a tranquil environment, relaxing to both nerves and muscles.

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