The realization that savvy experimentation and knowledge is essential when purchasing beauty products is in actual fact real & true.

Consumers by the thousands, have the opportunity to explore a host of different beauty products when entering a major departmental store.  It can indeed be daunting if one is a humble shopper, to arrive where choices are quite alarming, consultants perfectly groomed, naturally ever so eager to have one purchase a range of their products.

With glowing skins, perfect nails and extraordinary eyelashes, this can lead one to feel part of the ‘upper echelon’ of society.

Being advised to read the incredible number of ingredients on the outer packaging, gives one reason to escape for one’s sanity, and the possibility of arriving home with a purchase.

The “perfect” product could result in disappointment and wasted income.

A professional salesperson will welcome the consumer, query the customer’s needs, and enquire as to what she is presently using in a tactful manner.

She can then present her product, stating the advantages of use and positive results from existing clients.

However, despite the promises made at the beauty bar,  from time to time considering natural components, this could eliminate the risk of allergic reactions and minimize unnecessary expenditure. 

Not to mention social media ` the enormous influence via these growing and upcoming platforms; Influencers on Instagram and TikTok by the thousands, punting and promoting their favoured products and points of view.  

The “ancients“ experimented within natural realms, close to nature to maintain good health and to beautify themselves with mud, leaves, pods, seeds, stems and petals – always aware of the ancestral spirits.

In recent years serums have gained popularity. These being topical with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, keeping the skins surface free of ‘free radicals’ like pollution and sun.

Serums can be created at home with relative ease. For example, grated potato juice combined with olive oil and honey, is just one of many to be dabbed onto the skin.

Home serums should be protected in dark glass bottles having a dropper for application.

However, if time is an issue, MATSIMELA is in the throes of producing a moisture rich serum with high levels of aloe extract, Moringa oil, collagen, Hyaluronic acid; a delight to nourish and enhance the skin.