Commencing with hair on the scalp, the state of health is debatable, but often, a frequent dislike arrives at being born with red hair.

Red headed people are often accused of being fiery and bad tempered, a fallacy indeed ! Though they have fewer hairs than blondes, the strands of hair are of a thicker nature, silver tints tone down red to a more attractive ashen shade.

Commencing with the hands,  problems can result from well-known disparities like unkempt dry skins lacking moisture. Arthritic fingers can become bent and claw like.

Due to Osteoarthritis, ‘trigger fingers’ curl as replicating the pulling of a weapon such as a revolver.

Carpel tunnel syndrome arrives from a pinched nerve that passes through the wrist on the palm side of the lower arm.

Tingling, lack of feeling and discomfort arises. Continual use of wrists contributes to the syndrome, such as hours on the computer and continual movement prevalent with stylists in the hairdressing trade.

Clubbing causes the nails to curve from a frontal position backward, and often happens because of long-term low oxygen levels. Lung or heart disease can also be a contributing factor.  

Infection can result in a whitlow forming, a painful blister near the fingernail. An antibiotic cream could remedy the problem.

Extending to the stomach, a protruding belly button or navel is disturbing to some, but generally no problems arise unless infection is the issue.

Some have crevices that collect dirt and require gentle cleaning, such as “twirling“ an ear bud into the crevice. One might be shocked at the outcome!

Knees can appear large and “saggy“, this mainly due to fat tissue surrounding the knee cap.

Rough, unkempt knees often occur due to those with professions like carpentry and masonry. The use of knee pads could eliminate the problem. Often an intake of calcium and vitamins could assist.

Finally, human being’s feet can be either pampered, totally neglected, diseased or malformed. 

Feet rank highest compared to other external bodily movements.

Feet can suffer from dropped arches, bunions, ingrown nails, neuropathy, spurs, and blisters.

In terms of distance, the average person will walk approximately 150,000 kilometers in a lifetime – the comparison being six times around the world!