I imagine this word can best be explained as a perception or viewpoint, perhaps when intolerance arises or when the conversation becomes contradictory to others.
As it happens, there is no harm in having one’s own opinions and breaking from the norm, yet this could be offensive to some.
Much depends too on personality; be it one who is forthright in contrast to another holding his or her own opinions.

Versatile topics very often stimulate attitude regarding the acceptance of foreigners, political issues, and cultural habits.
When criticism arises from others, one in defense could well state “I am what I am” !!

But at times, a measure of tolerance is needed in conversation to avoid unpleasant confrontation.

Veering away from attitude to the topic of language, today’s conversation is more relaxed than in earlier eras when courtesy overruled in certain circles.

The English language is said to be one of the most difficult to understand, and the following idioms could baffle a new-comer coming to grips with various meanings `

• It is all systems “go”
• The hounds are “running”
• Learn to “take” the heat
• He has been set–up”
• A “colour full” character
• What a “rundown” suburb

No wonder when the immigrant from the Middle East was asked “not sure where you are coming from” he was baffled and in a puzzled manner he replied ‘Afghanistan’ !! He was later sent to a college to be familiarised with American Slang.

Lastly simply for a bit of fun, “loosen those purse strings, it is all go at Matsimela, the stock is selling like hot cakes”!

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