Glorious Autumn

In a survey carried out focusing on the seasons, Spring appeared to be the favourite, however one cannot deny the beauty of Autumn.
Considering the diverse areas and cultures of the world, the effects of changing seasons is interesting; the evolutionary adaptations significant within our bodies.
Physiologically, we retain more heat and body fat will act as an insulation.

With the change of seasons, not only our bodies ` but our emotions can alter too. Some experience joy, others sadness when a season terminates. Because our visuals are so powerful they impact heavily on one’s emotions too.

With the length of daylight, changing emotional shifts might be apparent like mild depression, irregular food cravings and lethargy resulting in longer hours under the bed covers.

The environmental differences are obvious due to changes in colour. Plants which are not mindful as humans are, have their own mechanisms in place.
As autumn approaches, a breakdown of chlorophyll occurs, other pigments result in an orchestra of beautiful colours like brown, rust and orange!

Animals having awareness of winter approaching adapt with thicker layers of fur. Some, due to protection from predators, can choose colours that merge with the surroundings, others in the arctic have the ability to change to white, blending with the snow and ice of the region.

Birds use the length of day as a guideline to maintain a regular pattern of flying. Some miraculously have a built-in compass enabling them to fly thousands of kilometres to other continents.

We as humans should be ever grateful for these changes that offer glorious colours and increased body energy.

In conclusion, visible changes will occur in our skins. Oily complexions will be dryer, thinner delicate skins prone to becoming taut and sensitive skins vulnerable to redness and irritation.

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