A Spa Day at Home

With a broad range of products designed for home use and a huge variety of activities that will leave you and your girls feeling oh-so glamorous, a home spa party is the perfect way to celebrate a night with your friends in a way that doesn’t involve the usual ‘hit the town’ scene. A variety of beauty treatments means having a few stations that your guests can treat themselves to whilst you chat the night away.

Décor and Ambience

Décor is an important consideration and of course, the ambience you create will set the tone for the evening. Get some calming flute and instrumental music to set a spa tone and keep it at a desirable level. Décor is really down to personal preference, but you could theme it around a colour or with Asian accents such as lotus flowers – either way, candles are a must and scented ones add a sensory element that is hard to beat.


If going the D.I.Y route, choose treatments such as pedicures, manicures and facials as these are all things that you can help one another with. Ensure that your stations are equipped with all the necessary products, tools and accessories (don’t forget towels). Hiring a trained therapist would be worthwhile if you were hoping to have waxing, massage and body scrub stations.

Gift Bags

Leave your friends with a lasting impression by sending them home with gift bags. This can include products that you have used at your spa day such as masks, scrubs, body butters, nail varnishes and accessories or spa gowns and slippers. Using quality products always ensures the best outcomes and there are some fantastic options out there.

Sourcing Quality Products

Matsimela Home Spa has a range of products specifically tailored for home use that use natural and local ingredients, smell fantastic and leave you glowing. Visit their online home spa or contact them.

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