Readers may find this a strange statement, in view of the horrific floods occurring worldwide, causing havoc and death.

From a religious viewpoint, Biblical Peter stated the heavens will part away with a roar–some accuracy indeed in current times.

Both the Koran and Bhagavadgita state that water is life, the way we should perceive it to be.

Under normal circumstances, what changes can occur to water and where on our continents can water be found, possibly drinkable or not at all?

Types of water include saline, muddy, naturally pure, and water containing chlorine that is generally recycled for consumer use in urban cities and towns.

In Iceland for example, water from glaciers is pretty much pure yet they float on salty seawater.

Take for example if one is stuck on an island with only seawater to consume. Unfortunately, the kidneys will overwork to minimize the salt, leading to death.

On the other hand, being lost in a desert and coming across an oasis sounds like heaven. However, many aquifers have water which could be could be heavily mineralized, leading to impurity.

The cosmetic industry is becoming increasingly sensitive to water resource issues and is becoming more aware of unnecessary water wastage. The transformation of water into raw materials is becoming an issue too.

A  “top-of-the-range” company producing hair products states that shampoo alone contains 80% of water and that one can reduce washing of the hair from 8 liters to 1,5 liters which is quite an eye-opener.

More solid cosmetics could be a way into the future, with scientists investigating plant-based formulas and emollients, waxes, and jellies.

Not only plastic and other non-degradable products end up in our vast oceans. The public as a whole can contribute enormously by being environmentally savvy and studying ingredients and components and buying “eco-friendly” commodities.