For centuries, fragrance has played a role in celebrations, gifting, religious ceremonies, and to arouse a pleasant fragrance “wafting off the human body”.

Creators of fragrance are forever scrambling to present unusual ones to the public, as some of the most costly play a role, not only in aroma but in wealth! 

In other words, the scents of an expensive perfume can arouse much curiosity about its uniqueness, not to mention its cost.

Makers can conjure up perfumes in ways by combining three molecules; harvesting flowers, herbs, and roots for example.

“Snifferthons” those with “the Nose” out of interest ` dip blotters into banned or restricted components. Regulating the industry, One Lily of the Valley is banned in any synthetic form.

A cheap copy perfume has little reward, for the fragrance will not linger. To recognize a perfume is not merely a splash on the wrist, but recognized by the limbic system. The oldest part of the brain which accumulates memory and emotions.

Is perfume ever forbidden in society?  Based on the translation of the Hadith (the sayings of the religious leader) and possibly in rigid societies, perfumes should not be worn in public or when attending mosque. It is assumed that much depends on the approval of the Prophet “peace be upon him”.

Most European fragrances was dedicated to gentle fragrances, but then came a bombshell from the Orient in the form of Oud, musk, and patchouli, not bypassing the magnificent fragrances in Incense used in religious worship and at home. With the migration of Indian people coming to South Africa, we became overwhelmed with their use of fragrance particularly during cremations, however, the Catholic church in particular continues to burn incense as an offering to God.

Fragrance has become popular in our ethnic black society; women often favour citrus mint and sandalwood but men have a liking of aftershaves, particularly with vanilla undertones. The best fragrance “buys for guys” are currently Old spice and Quorum.

In conclusion, there is a notion that one should not be overwhelmed with one’s own fragrance, neither should one be “dripping “ with a scent like a “lady of the night”!

In writing this, I trust that no offense is intended, merely the cultural issues highlighted.