It is almost a certainty, that some who celebrate February 14th will have a sense of excitement, while others fear rejection.

Starting on a slightly negative note, with no offense intended for those ‘rearing to go’, this holiday could bring a sense of trepidation; noisy overcrowded restaurants, and unappreciated gifts.

Looking back in history, even the Romeo-Julliete affair was a bit of a wash-out !!

As for the environment, “post-event” tired-looking flowers will be dumped as well as loads of wrapping paper and greeting cards, adding to an already stressed planet.

Valentine’s celebrations are very much of a Western occasion. Some Eastern countries regard this as bad morality, simply fueling capitalism and sexual innuendoes.

A past “pagan festival” during Roman times was loaded with decadence, such as whipping and animal slaughter; a far cry from red roses and chocolates!

Talking of which, some enthralled with this celebration, but pretty much bored with the dull regularity of it [year after year] might like some oddities mentioned below, which can be deemed as fun, rather in line with a “grunge” experience excluding the pretty scenario being common-place.

Friends could create a room with red and black candles, place cards, table cloths, serviettes, and wrapped gifts.

The common-place restaurant has no place here but fun and laughter will prevail in an irregular scenario.