Wheat has been the foundation of the world’s nutrition for hundreds of years, and the war on wheat is unscrupulous and being demonized by the mainstream.

There will always be groups of people who take delight in spreading disinformation and celebrities have’ upped’ the mission and a fickle public flock to hear their views, listening to movie stars, not scientists.

In fact, it has almost become a way of life to avoid wheat.

Three million copies of a book on the topic have been sold and for the evangelists, this is the Bible of the wheat-haters who state that it causes up to 70% of known diseases, and  “gluten-free” is selling like hotcakes.

Is the information solid or just a myth? There are no scientific facts that wheat causes cancer or mental issues. Wheat has no DNA, therefore, cannot be genetically modified and such a process is unknown.

However, about 1 in 100 persons have an immune reaction to gluten, a protein causing sensitivity in the small intestine, this is labeled as Coeliac disease; the outcome is an attack on healthy tissue.

Certain bakeries do make special bread for Coeliac sufferers.

Durum is another form of wheat that is ground into semolina, used in the manufacture of pasta.

Durum wheat has advantages in weight management, the health of the heart, and the digestive system.  

As the gluten issue has now been better explained, it certainly does not cause a host of diseases.

Hopefully, readers with previous doubts will be re-assured that wheat is not problematic unless symptoms occur to avoid it.