Firstly, Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and plays a major role in good health and longevity.

Pre- cursers to its production could rely on supplements like zinc, copper and magnesium.

In one way, collagen can be described as  “cables” that strengthen the tendons which support bone, strengthen blood vessels and  sheets  of this substance give support to the skin and body organs. Collagen too strengthens our intestinal linings.

Collagen plays a major role in maintaining strong hair and nails and gives relief to  photo-ageing caused by excessive solar radiation, put bluntly lack of UV protection and sun bathing !

With the depletion of collagen, some common signs are crêpe skin, wrinkles, thin hair, brittle nails and joint pains.

In pre-historic times, hunter/ gatherers boiled animal bones, cartilage and skin in order to create  a broth which, primitive as it appears was in fact extremely healthy for bodily strength.

Latterly, bone broth has become almost something of a necessity with a realization of its importance in remaining healthy.

Genuine bone broth is sauced from marine life-like skin and scales of fish, from shell fish and Bovine broth from animals bones, skin and cartilage .

Health experts state that eggs with the thin membrane intact play an essential role in cartilage production.

An important question arises as to how vegetarians will cope?

Luckily, some pre-curses to boost collage such as the intake of tofu, lentils, beans, pumpkin and sesame seeds and greens are the answer. Much advice can be given by assistants in health shops. Fantastic vegan versions in powder forms from health shops are available too.

With the heat of summer slowly dissipating, readers may be eager to spend time creating healthy broths which can be frozen for the days ahead.

One needs not be a health fanatic, but aware that the above suggestions, simple as they are, will encourage longevity.