The unpleasant reality of aging

Youthful skin is a wonder to perceive. It is therefore a tragedy that it ultimately becomes like tissue paper and sadly the process commences as early as around the age of 25-26 years.

There is no need to elaborate, that normal pigment in cells decreases, connective tissue weakens, and elasticity is lost.

Genetic makeup, nutrition, and obviously sun exposure, all play a vital role as will indoor heating and exposure to chemicals. Most vulnerable are the fair-skinned, blue-eyed individuals, whereas the darker-skinned folk has greater advantages.  However, this does not indicate that a half-hour on a sunbed will be the answer!

It is depressing to mention the distressing arrival of skin tags, easy bruising, warts, and annoying little red pimple-like structures named ‘cherry angiomas’, which fortunately are not cancer forming.

Readers will not be surprised at the perception of unsightly hands when facial aging is less obvious.  Lack of attention is not only part of the condition but the unfortunate skeletal structure and minimal fat in these areas.

The use of household gloves, frequent moisturizing, and protection with sunscreen can assist. Many a Dermatologist will confirm that hands and the neck sadly show signs of early aging.

A question arises as to whether artificial intelligence will play a role in fighting the aging process.

“Gero-protectors” meaning digital biomarkers,  interventions to test biological change, and even the implication of cross-species used to halt aging is in the pipeline.

Scientific advancement is upon us but will humans still be able to exercise free will?  Only time will tell!