Nature’s gift to humanity ` essential oils

Essential oils have for thousands of years been used for healing and in spiritual rituals, thus the frequent mention of these in the Bible.

Favourites like cedarwood, myrrh, and frankincense are some of those better known.

According to history, the body of Jesus was bound in linen adorned with a mixture of myrrh and aloe in line with Jewish burial custom.

Through the years, more and more knowledge was attained resulting in magnificent fragrances being produced and certain oils came to light for medicinal use.

Home experimentation might arouse issues, for example peppermint oil may affect the absorption of certain drugs. However, 15 drops of a fragrant oil into coconut oil is relatively safe.

Some aromatherapists favour utilizing citrus, lavender and eucalyptus with a mix of 2 to 5 drops in a carrier oil resulting in more synergy between the blends.

However, anyone with sensitive skin and/or allergies should be aware of an unpleasant reaction.

Most of the world’s famous perfumes are a mix of fragrances, but some counterfeit have been found to contain DEHP, a solvent vehicle which may cause headaches, sinus problems and the “sniffles” as could the luxurious ones depending on the client’s sensitivity. Furthermore, the industry is not obliged to reveal contents on their labels.

Gorgeous fragrances are often associated with wealth and luxury, and affordability, being an issue, has given rise to a massive market of imitation perfumes.

The writer, feeling rather like the paparazzi, had great fun revealing some celebrities favourite perfumes. From those who reign supreme, like the queen of England, who favours Guerlain.

The late Diana loved Christian Dior, Kate Middleton’s current choice “a shimmering garden oasis of orange blossom” and a somewhat ‘non royal’ these days, Megane Markel favours  Bulgari.

Added to that, in the lime-light a string of ultra-wealthy movie stars, too many to mention here, who spend a fortune on exotic perfumes.

Finally one does not have to be wealthy or of celebratory to wear a perfume of choice. However the golden rule still exists, one spray on each wrist and some time given before purchasing, as the fragrance will alter according to body acidity.

Another oddity may still exist that one’s perfume is for others to appreciate, not the wearer – I intend to disagree with that !!