Plants play a vital role in terms of the ecology as they consume carbon dioxide and are significant to greenhouse gasses, and furthermore are far more informed than what humans might assume!

Plants have unique intelligence in terms of their own existence and have “ feelings” of which we are not even aware. Sadly, they are often ripped out of the soil, trampled on, and even poisoned for some obscure pleasures common to mankind.

Much research has been done to verify that plants do not have human feelings but are sentient life forms nevertheless.

They can respond to stimuli like water, life, light, and gravity.  Plants can arouse a cooling effect and even release H20 vapour; similar to sweating under hot conditions, defend themselves and send signals to other plants nearby that could be in danger.

Botanical experiments reveal that some have emotions,  react to music, vibes, and human voices; all quite phenomenal, albeit that plants have neither brains nor a central nervous system.

Various plants can twist and turn to light, are sensitive to touch by curling up, some have  “enemies” and when feeling threatened can attack with tentacles that cling and compress, covering the host plant with no pity!

Incredibly, some are carnivorous such as the “venous fly trap´ which lures its victims with nectar.

Five of the world’s rarest plants are now endangered of the 391,000 plant species in the wild.

Near to 40 percent of fungi are threatened by extinction and there is much concern regarding the stealth of succulents in the Northern Cape by intruders from elsewhere.

Many plants are vital within the beauty industry like aloe vera, witch hazel, roses, mint, and many more.

A sad state of affairs now results and we as humans have to fight to preserve what is precious and should not ignore that the planet is under threat as never before.

This is not a time for complacency, but a wake-up call for all to make a difference.