New technology is changing the face of production and enriching the shopping experience. One will have to be associated with new terms like “microbiome” meaning like the gut, the skin has its own ecosystem involving bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The future will arouse many changes and today’s treatments could become obsolete. There could indeed be a dynamic shift away from plastic surgery, the growth factor relying on laser application to regenerate dermal tissue.

Many celebrities and those with a healthy purse, have for long gone the route of botox, which may in the future be bottled and sold as a product.

Regarding “biological fermentation”, what comes to mind are fermentations like kombucha and kafir within the body for improved health. This is a similar process to enhance the skin.

For example, millennials and those reaching the golden years – will be assisted as technology will ensure fine looks, not truly one’s age, as all ingredients can be revolutionized.

Another term with which to be familiarized is “augmented reality” referring to a smart mirror able to reflect red spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Furthermore, keep an eye out for the “future you” simulation that reflects your face of the future!

“Virtual try-on” relates to a digital platform, whereby a virtual artist will permit experimentation with shades of eyeshadow, blusher, and lipstick via one’s own smartphone!

The latest over-the-counter experience; being consultant contact with customers, will change quite dramatically. ‘She’ the consultant, will have a colorimeter; a digital scanner arriving at 20,000 different shades to check the client’s skin tone.  Once established, a machine will create a suitable foundation.

All too terrifying to encounter – come to think of it, we advanced from the bulky telephone to the cell phone, from video games to online gaming, the digital wristwatch, the PC, and much more …

Humans inevitably have for centuries had to face change.