Scientists and biologists are forever engaged in research seeking answers to retard the aging process and age related illnesses like arthritis, liver dysfunction, stroke, diabetes, Parkinsons disease, heart complaints and many more.

Now chemicals extracted from various plants could offer a break through.
Six groups of molecules from certain plants appear to have the most age delaying effects.
The basis of the research is to screen the extracts and utilise these to observe how they can increase the chronological lifespan of yeast. Why yeast one may ask, which does not always have a good image conjuring up images of fungal infections such a Candida, Ringworm and Thrush.
Many of us are unaware that yeast is vital in keeping the digestive system healthy and in balancing the immune system. In fact yeast is a part of a healthy mix of bacteria in the gut. Patients having a multitude of complaints are often amazed that the Specialist or health practitioner will target the digestive system for solutions.
Interestingly, at a cellular level, the aging process of yeast and humans progresses in much the same way, this being significant in scientific research. Besides yeast more complex organisms like fish, mice and human cells are also studied.

Currently, identification of individual chemicals in plants will assist in establishing their anti-aging powers.
It is a known fact that over the years many have become somewhat weary of prescribed medicines and shown greater interest in homeopathy, the natural way in curing and preventing illness, stress and depression.
Without getting too technical, some readers may wish to discuss the benefits relevant to their problems with one of the many experts in health care departments and wellness centres.
As Homeopathy is most complex for the novice, 7 familiar extracts mentioned below may be of interest :

ARNICA an extract from the mountain daisy is excellent for injury and pain and to avoid bruising.
CAMOMILLA is often to parents a “magic formula” allowing for less interrupted sleep as it sooths the teething and colic discomfort occuring in babies.
ST JOHNS WORT is frequently used when the nervous system is involved, with particular reference to fingers, toes and the back.
IGNATIA has soothing effects when acute grief, anxiety and depression occur.
POISON IVY assists with the pain occuring with arthritis, stiffness and sprains.
WILLOW BARK, last but not least has the most potent longevity powers yet described in Pharmaceutical research.
The cosmetic industry has long validated the addition of natural extracts such as aloe vera , henna, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus oils.

At Matsimela, we use a range of plant based high grade ingredients to ensure that you can experience the perfect ‘Home Spa’ Experience..

Our beautiful bath oils not only smell amazing but also boast a range of beautiful oils including
Baobab Seed oil, Matsimela’s signature ingredient which absorbs easily and gives intense moisturisation. It is also added into our Butters and Creams..
Lemongrass oil great for reducing inflammation amongst many other beautiful properties
Lavender oil which is much love for its wide range of properties, some being anxienty, insomnia and relaxation.

Arnica, Eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree can also be found in our SPA Range available at Spa’s and Salons nationally..

Winter is over.. and the heat waves from this years summer can also leave your skin dehydrated and flakey… we suggest a 3 step body make over

Step 1 – Relax in a warm tub with one of our bath bombs to invigorate and pre cleanse the skin…
Step 2 – Exfoliate with our Kalahari salt scrub to remove dead skin cells.
Step 2 – Apply our hero Body butter or Massage and Body Oil after drying off. for an intense moisture burst!

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