It is surprising how many in society lack self-confidence, having admiration for others.

This occurs not only for pride of self, but the inclination to be part of the norm in society, thus the gleeful look on faces of shoe, dress and makeup manufacturers, due to seasonal changes for the trend setters.

Regarding high healed cork sandals, with frontal straps these have been an eye-opener since last summer. This is a real surprising throwback to the seventies and eighties, so very passé to previous wearers.

True Haute clothing and coiffure, mostly stems from the fashion houses of Milan, London, Paris and New York, and those with a beady eye to pursue fashion, due to dressmaking talents.

The elegance is unique to to different countries, therefore a look around the world is quite intriguing, and the internet being a marvelous tool to not be a stodgy “left behind”.

Once again, we take a peep around the globe to witness how others perceive “the in thing“ `

  • Facially, an array of quite bold lip shades, neon eye makeup and heavy eye liners.
  • Nine hair trends are on the cards, such as warm blonde and chocolate brown, long wavy hair with colorful neon strips inter tangled.
  • Fabrics appear to be quite sublime with soft greys, muted orange and hazy purple.
  • Shoes are the eye-opener; overall, mesh has taken over on gauze uppers, including see-through socks and a come back to earlier times, slim heels with pointed uppers.

All of these should encourage well kept feet with visits to the local podiatrist !

 Naturally, the above is just a 2024 eyeopener, but the trend setters will in no doubt be raring to go !