The 7 Deadly Sins

Saint John Cassian was a Catholic monk who lived from 360 to 435 in order to sustain good relationships, and the opposing virtues of those times are significant, yet watered down to this day.

The way in which they “cast a shadow” on humanity can be thought of as the forefront of many of today’s hurtful and unscrupulous actions, at times regretfully irreversible.

To commence, some of the original terminologies have altered, but with one and the same meaning, and a kinder description might be “virtues in opposition to vices”.

1]  Anger ` is an emotion often displayed immediately with resultant regret as so powerful. 

2]  Envy ` is an eroding emotion that has long destructive consequences, and arouses jealousy and joy at others’ losses.

3]  Gluttony ` is one of desirable excesses, and dissatisfaction whilst never pleasing the soul.

4]  Greed ` is more instantaneous than gluttony as “the prize’” is fast forthcoming.

5]  Lust ` does not display only sexual longings. But a need for physical satisfaction.

6]  Pride ` displays judgment, superiority, and vanity in achievements.

7]  Sloth ` mainly drags the individual through life, with little interest in evolution and having meaningless thoughts and decisions.

Society has altered significantly and is more liberal in comparison to the above,  yet obsessions abound such as the fear of a new virus, contamination, theft, racism, fear of humiliation, and much more!