According to the medical profession,  the wellness of age is classified as follows –

Ages 18 to 39 / 40 to 49 / 50 to 64 and  65 and older.

It stands to reason, that ill-health in one stage, can or will jeopardize the next phase.

A simpler understanding for readers is taking note, not ignoring the possible deterioration commencing with the SKIN; this is the largest organ of the body.

The epidermal layer commences becoming thinner and paler as one age. With time “liver spots” an old description occurs; these being pigmented blotches. Melanocytes no longer are active, giving some skin an overall

colour.  With skin reaching its final phases, it becomes exceedingly dry and skeletal in appearance.

Women’s HAIR can become coarser and visible on the upper lips and chin due to hormonal changes.

There is, however, a blessing to loss of colour with some, as grey and silver hair is now “haute coiffure” with brown, black and reds now losing popularity.

Shampooing less often, avoiding excessive heat, keeping the scalp moist and the use of serum is advisable.

Interestingly, one’s hair has a lifespan of two to seven years!

NAILS found on toes and fingertips, as with hair and skin, draw in billions of currency annually to those in the cosmetic sector, whilst the average person perseveres with the downfalls.

Nails, in the writer’s opinion, can be the bane of one’s life, and the trickiest to keep in pristine condition, thus the roaring “nail artistry” profession. 

A dermatologist should be seen if just a few of many diseases such as the following are apparent –

Spoon-shaped, yellow or black in colour, lifting off the nail bed etc.

Fortunately, those in the medical profession, have the expertise to assist one if anyone has a range of skin, nail and hair diseases.