Society can be distinguished by different groups of people, some of whom have common interests. In this bracket, one could encounter “the copy-cat” phenomenon; one who lacks self-confidence.

Others can have particular aims to be uniquely different, all of which makes for interesting observation!

However, the array of temperaments are often a mere cover-up of insecurities and lack of self-confidence.

Be there so much intricacy to human behaviour, much seen in others could well be a farce as discussed below –

The mean, stingy individual, could well be financially well-off but has a dread of being used and is very much tough fisted!

On the other hand, the over generous one could have a phobia of being used, becoming unnecessarily wary of others.

Those with a jealous temperament, can continually be on the lookout for friends and colleagues who might have greater wealth or even friendships.

The characteristic of being over jealous of others causes an inward bitterness, not congenial to friendship and those who are so “over-hyped” are high maintenance.

This brings one to a point of awareness as to some signs of a friendship that could be toxic –

If conversation is never equal, one is totally self-absorbed, or another makes fun of friends who are not present. No doubt a warning sign when disloyalty is evident.

Genuine friendship is essential to human existence, therefore may it be treasured at all times.