Regarding memories, new outcomes can arise from breaking old habits as it is in the subconscious mind that all bad habits and experiences reside.
To be happier in oneself, in the present moment, is a great recipe for the manifestation of better thoughts.

Beyond the age of 35, we have a set of habits, skills, and memories. Striving to achieve, worrying about the future, and over-eating when distressed are commonplace in today’s lifestyle.
Tension and heart attacks are part and parcel of modern living and need not be.

In the case of a well-balanced person, disturbing and traumatic feelings usually settle with time. Alternately, many in society carry the daily burden of grief, disappointment, and inadequacy throughout life. How then is it possible to be happy in oneself in the presence?

The brain does not attempt to regulate one’s mental self. It is within the realm of the sub-conscience that healing can occur. Thoughts are transient and can be changed to keep one calm and deter from the dramas of life having negative effects.

Procedures vary, but one of the most common practices is to partake in meditation another being vibrational, sound therapy with the use of Tibetan singing bowls; the deep vibrational tones promoting relaxation and healing as the ear transports these to a subconscious level.

There now appears to be an awakening that the intake of medications and drug use is waning.
In closing, Oriental methods are not accepted by some religions but as humans, we have a choice that allows for greater exploration and well long-term well-being.

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