Considering how small our planet is, in a vast universe, there is no shortage of activity. We are so minute as a planet but what is revealed is fascinating!

As we “tour” the planet, some surprising facts and occurrences could be revealed, therefore commencing in the far Northern realms.

ICELAND is the cleanest continent in Antarctica and has less pollution, pollen, and dust than elsewhere.

Still far north, FINLAND ranks number one for air quality.  Furthermore, if fir trees and reindeer may not encourage much tourism, this is a great advantage for protection.

In contrast, Rwanda attracts thousands annually to view the gorillas, there being a greater number of protectors than the animals!

The dirties in the world is Bangladesh, the most polluted India, and chewing gum is forbidden in Singapore.

Homosexuality is forbidden in Cameroon, Cuba, and Ethiopia.

The quickest way to get a divorce can occur in China, in fact, married one day, divorced the next!

Smoking and the use of cosmetics are forbidden in Turkmenistan in eastern Europe, and hair removal is in some Islamic countries and within certain sects of Judaism.  Those who do not believe in cutting hair are the Rastafarians in Africa and abroad in cultish ways.  Including the Sadu’s; the holy men in India.

Albinism is rife in Tanzania, while the fairest skins are to be found in Ireland, transformed to an ugly shade of scarlet when exposed to the sun!

It is generally said that the Japanese and Chinese have the most beautiful skins.

The darkest skins are to be seen in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In conclusion dear readers the content is not intended to offend anyone and if some humour arises, the writer is all the happier!