Every era has unique features within the political and social landscape, but change is inevitable. This week’s content will consider how the youth are advancing and how mature people frequently become overwhelmed, coping in a rapidly changing world.

The 1970’s and ’80s inspired many changes! Youth becoming more involved politically, but socially more relaxed.
These times brought about strange, heavy mobile phones, music termed “new wave”, tie-dyed clothes, dresses with huge shoulder pads which could embarrass the military, fluffy permed hair, and T.V. series that had the entire family glued to “The Box”.

There was denim, denim & more denim. Clothes bought at charity shops were considered cool and “John Lennon” sunglasses fashionably worn at night !!

During the 1980’s, many consider that parenting was more relaxed, with fewer issues of concern. Unaccompanied kids rode bikes, went to “movie houses” and skating rinks, meals were more of a social affair, crime was at a lower level with a lesser risk of child abduction.

If the present youth were to be captured in a time warp, they would no doubt view previous eras as archaic, but every period has its moments of glory and achievement.
Generation gaps have always existed, adults often blaming the root causes as the misunderstanding of one another, distancing, criticism, lack of upholding core values, and poor etiquette.

Many parents have to accept that technology and youth are firmly bound and kids, with greater expertise are building a revolution. Technology is part of their ideology, language, and activities.

Parents often fear that youth are isolating themselves with excessive time on the internet and that certain video games arouse violence which might demonize youth, that isolation is detrimental to social skills and loss of identity should images of perfection seen on social media become ingrained.

In the event of derogatory remarks that youth are incompetent, one has to be reminded of two outstanding entrepreneurs of the century; Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft at a mere 31 years of age, and Steve Jobs, the creator of the Apple computer at only 21.

In a “sequence” to this blog, a discussion will reveal what issues the youth of today experience with society and parenting.

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