Researchers abroad have carried out testing with some surprising results to arrest the ageing process commonly associated with certain diseases. This having been carried out by
isolating 6 groups of molecules from plants with a varying mixture of different chemicals.

The 1st group relates to is an extract from the root of a flowering plant known as black colosh, the 2nd valerian, the 3rd purple passion flower, the 4th known as gingo, the 5th wild celery and the 6th White willow.

An impressive discovery reveals that the extract of willow bark has the most longevity properties noted in scientific papers. The purpose of these extracts is to stimulate energy in the mitochondria; the power house of cells and decrease the damage done by hydrogen peroxide.

In addition, research has been done to screen for plant extracts that increase the life span of yeasts.
One may wonder why yeast is important for maintaining youth. It appears that at a cellular level, aging is similar in both yeast and cultured human cells. Yeast is therefore the best cellular model for scientists.

The alteration in the aging process could then extend one’s life span and delay the onset of Arthritis, Parkinsons disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimers .
Age and genetic factors are the major risk factors for the above complaints and that chemicals extracted from certain plants provide new insights.

One might wonder why yeast plays a role in the anti-aging research? Withstanding research on the unique human cell , organism such as worms, mice, fish and honey bees have too produced positive results.

Leaving research behind, yeast cells are found on the skin of human beings and in the digestive tract, contain complete protein and are advantageous to health. However, if excessive growth occurs, an unpleasant complaint ‘candida’ results causing fungal infections in various areas of the body.

A question at times arises, should a nutritional variety like Brewers yeast be ingested? According to medical experts, it might lower blood glucose in cases of diabetes and may give relief to intestinal diahorrea.

In conclusion, it goes without saying that a healthy, well balanced diet can keep the body functioning on its own ` minus interference .

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