As we reach the end of another year, reminiscing about the months gone by is not such a bad thing. After all life experiences are vital to one’s outlook on life, social behaviour, general attitudes, levels of confidence and in attempting to come to terms with a crazy mix of emotions !

Sharing memories with those of one’s own age group can be quite an eye-opener and incredibly amusing. Perhaps self-criticism due to previous actions could be to an advantage in the future.

Going down memory lane some content included in the 2018 blogs posted, may stimulate new thoughts and perceptions in the year that lies ahead, arousing encouragement and positivity.

UNLOCKING THE PAST – History is created by the past and happy memories elicit positive feelings. Depression with all its negativity can be reversed with positive thoughts and actions, to be borne in mind with a new year looming.

HABITS – these are not all bad but for when the neural path ways rather firmly establishes these. It is human nature to experience comfort from routine and perhaps new routines will bring forth more inspiration and freedom from the traps of the past.

NEGATIVE STATES OF MIND – emotions that lead to this condition need not necessarily be of concern as they are experiences to advance one in new directions. If in the past jealousy, fear, anger and so on were dominant, facing up to these in the new year is a fine decision to not allow negativity to compromise one’s lifestyle.

LIQUIDS FOR LIFE – the blog stressed just how essential water and natural extracts from plants and fruits are to give a boost to living and to the immune system. As we are in the grip of not only normally hot weather but heat waves that drain energy, lemon drinks infused with ginger and mint will assist with ongoing thirst. With hot temperatures persisting for some months ahead it is essential to hydrate the body.

ECO FASHION – the content of this blog was hopefully an eye-opener as to what tremendous waste the planet has to endure and how in the future we need urgently to make well thought out decisions regarding the purchase of clothing, shoes, bags and leg wear, with more effort to go “the natural route”.

SELF PERCEPTION – the new year is a fine time to develop positivity regarding self. Every human being is special with God given traits and this realization can spur one on. With many fledgling graduates entering the work place, impressions given are vital to success.

THE CHANGING FACE OF WOMEN – in earlier times women were more-or-less in a safe haven, men being the dominant sex. Tremendous changes have brought stiff competition and the greater the liberation the greater the confidence needed to deal with high expectations in the work place with business expertise and a need to strive for success.
The new year is exciting for those up to the challenge.

In conclusion, best wishes are extended to all readers. May you learn from yesterday, be inspired by the future and have a bounty full 2019.

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