This might sound rather self-indulgent, but change can be well deserved and is truly invigorating. To celebrate self, need not be some hedonistic ritual, but a way to maximize resources and share with friends and your community.

Some sadness may exist in saying goodbye to 2018, some only too relieved if the year was a 12 month disastrous saga.
With a new year comes the commitment to those fearful new year resolutions perhaps made when the champagne was bubbling and the mood exuberant !

In many ways these so called changes ahead can in a way be sheer fantasy. Does one really wake up somebody else no matter how strong one’s resolve?
Unfortunately resolutions can send messages that one is not good enough and in need of come miraculous transformation to advance as a better person in itself quite a depressing scenario !

Assessing and honouring characteristics of self is a more positive way of establishing one’s identity. No harm results from some self analysis and need not be a ritual to vastly altering relationships.

However social obligations that are uncomfortable can be draining. Not one of us need to be slaves to relationships that are unfulfilling.
As for personal burdens such as guilt, the trauma of disastrous love affairs, unfaithful friends and the like are baggage of the past to be unloaded.

One should harbour no guilt if changes are made in a subtle and kind way. Aiming to work towards a wholesome and manageable new year does not mean losing touch with oneself.
The laws of the universe state that the very existence of opposites allow us to understand life.

Let the year ahead be “bright and light” bearing in mind that to nurture forgiveness is a powerful tool for peace and joy.

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