Anger, fear, boredom and rejection are just a few of many negative emotions and all part of the human experience but embracing these can actually have a positive outcome. These needn’t wreak havoc in ones life and to acknowledge them is a step in the right direction.

Very often messages are valuable if taken note of.Emotions are designed to tell us something and should not be thought of as good or bad. These are in a way signals alerting ones attention to the actual cause.

Negative emotions exacerbate stress in the body and mind and if these become chronic and overwhelming can compromise ones health.
In many instances such emotions can mirror a positive side and work in ones favour,

A saying exists that “ loneliness is a state of mind “ and “ boredom is a luxury “ One may certainly agree with the latter in view of time being under such duress.
Unknowingly many negative emotions can be to advantage. Fear for example could in certain situations increase ones level of safety in dangerous situations.
As for loneliness one does not always choose to be alone but the situation often relates to social isolation. It is more likely labelled as such but could be a catalyst for change. This emotion can be associated with a persons unfulfilled passion in life. Facing the problem head on and “ getting into gear “ is a way to conquer this emotion.
There is hidden potential in all human beings and it needs to be exploited.

Betrayal is one of the most hurtful emotions and can cause intense suffering due to disloyalty from another. In order to erase the imprint one has to jumpstart healing.
Forgiving means detaching oneself from the pain and bitterness, this in itself a damaging emotion.
By avoiding those one does not trust is a positive move and though one encounters a fork in the road , tackling the problem one needs be decisive.

Fortunately there are strategies to balance emotions. Mentally one can focus on happy experiences and memories and engage in activities that are fulfilling.
Some health experts believe in visualization, in other words envisioning ones life in the future with the best and positive outcomes.
Physiologically exercise, yoga and especially meditation help to avert the mind from negative distractions and self absorption.

In conclusion, Being creative releases negative energy. Simply by lighting some perfumed candles around a bathtub filled with Matsimela crystals ,allowing for mind and body to relax followed by a massage with one of the rich and nourishing body butters will do wonders in releasing damaging negative emotions

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