Along with winter comes a lot of essential clutter like coats, scarves, leggings, boots and so on.

Although having to face dressing is a rather laborious process Winter can be embraced positively for enjoyable and healthy activities one being more energized at this time of year.

Some may relish the idea of bedding down earlier despite all the paraphernalia of extra blankets, duvets, electric blankets. hot water bottles and so on.

Aches and pains are inevitable concerning the elderly, whose bodies can be affected by recent operations, general poor health and old injuries that seem to rise to the occasion. People with bad circulation have problems with insufficient blood reaching the fingers and toes causing discomfort.

Feet in particular can develop problems like cracked and dry heels and infections of toe nails are common due to the fact that feet are covered. Albeit cold

weather, sweating still occurs, this warm damp environment being ideal for fungal growth.

The above are all pretty much common sense for dealing with cold weather but the question often arises as to why ones immune system is not always up to scratch during this season.

Firstly the cold dry air attributes to mucous membranes drying out resulting in scratchy and sore throats. This very mucous is a barrier against pathogens prominent where a greater number of people gather together passing on these nasty microbes.

Allergies too can flare up due to different types of pollens and dust in the atmosphere , typical symptoms being excessive sneezing and “ runny noses “ not related to the common cold.

Winter arouses the need for more warmth but the downside of heating homes results in dehydration of the atmosphere, drying out already parched skins.

From a cosmetic point of view many delightful treatments will assist in banishing the “ blues “

A session in a sauna not only has a detoxifying effect but in addition increases blood flow to the surface cells resulting in welcome warmth.

Massage is most beneficial as it can boost the immune system, stimulate sluggish circulation, plus the essential oils and moisturizers applied boost elasticity in the skin and deposit moisture to the cells in the upper epidermis.

Hot stone therapy is beneficial too applied in a health spa.

Adventuring out into the cold is not every ones cup of tea. For those “ home bods “ Matsimela has a wide range of professional products to ensure that skin attains prime health through the chilly months ahead . Our body butters are rich and soothing creamy and buttery. They has a 10% Shea Butter component, making it not your average body butter. Use sparingly and see how long it lasts. It is Excellent for dry skin that needs quenching.

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