Some experts say that memories can be unreliable and could merely be our embroidering on some distant occurrence. On the other hand, others are of the opinion that the brain can retain far more than we realize, and much depends on how far back these occurred.

Memories are generally more stable in the brain during deep stages of sleep, whilst “mumbo-jumbo” dreams are highly irritating as the dreamer can be overwhelmed by any meaning whatsoever.

Strangely, older folk retain memories from years back but stumble over recent ones.

In terms of social situations, conversations on dreams, fascinating to the speaker that they might be, can be an utter bore to the listeners.

Anyone bragging about having a good memory might have to reverse those thoughts as do we all, one example being the monstrous underground parking garages that have been created to torture us.

Try as one may, the memory of a parking spot eludes one to the point of actually ruining one’s day!

Technology too is playing an enormous role in time consumption, and every new year arouses a change in lifestyle.

With a greater number of cell phone calls and messages to answer to, the never-ending call-out of the IT man who is “ever so bright” and the guilt one may feel at ditching the kid’s invitation to watching ‘the world’s funniest cats’  on YouTube – it is inevitable that ones book on philosophy will be tossed aside!

Thankfully many memories are ingrained and can be aroused out of the blue by scents, sounds, and music and can be so enlightening!

In conclusion, wishing our loyal readers a successful and safe year ahead!