Farewell to 2021

A strange feeling may overcome one, with a perception of a new year looming, and can be quite daunting. Yet facing up to the fact that January the 1st is really just another day in terms of the calendar should arouse some comfort.

Unfortunately, negativity can hang over one like fog but can be overcome and with a positive outlook.

All the negativity makes one fearful, insecure and drains one’s energy. South Africa has had its “ups and downs” like the ongoing Covid issue, instability in Government, and urban violence.

However, 90 % of South Africans are charitable and high levels of care gave a boost to the less fortunate throughout 2021.

Nostalgia is an emotion that reminds us that the past cannot return, however grim it was, just another of human beings’ peculiarities!

Luckily our idealized past soon fades away as we look forward to good times ahead.

Generally, South Africans are a “friendly bunch” and the prospect of new friendships and new ventures, especially with the advancement of technology makes for exciting times ahead.

In closing, my sincere thanks to all who took the trouble to read the past articles and hopefully do so in the new year.