A new year has arrived, what better time to take stock of yourself. 

Redemption might be relevant to undo the negativity of the past year.  One may enquire what then are these negatives?

Perhaps being insular and self-important reveals character when many need friendship and assistance.

The quiet, introvert could blossom, revealing many talents subdued by an insular personality.

It is commonplace too that groups adhere to who is labelled ‘successful’ and ‘fit in’.

This being common in schools, leaving others unfairly out in the cold and dampening their spirits.

Throughout history, the strong preserved and the weak became traumatized.

It is clear that this social agenda did not stop here, but is still extremely prevalent and continued into future generations. It is habitual in modern society, but important to note that comfort and kindness can lead to a more stable society.

Social agendas are highly intensified by technology, pleasurable as these may be, a negative side can arouse doubt and suspicion.

On a positive note, one’s thoughts and actions can arouse friendships & stability, making us aware of the beauty around us.  

In essence this is posing the question is our mind friend or foe?  Clearly – the relationship between our thoughts, events, and the way we define ourselves is integral to our understanding of the bigger picture.

Fundamentally ` we are what we think.

In closing I would like to thank all the readers & supporters of the Matsimela brand for the care you have afforded us in 2023 & I wish everyone a prosperous 2024 ahead.