Many of the world’s biggest “money spinning” initiatives started small but vision and faith lead to success, what some might call a dream come true.
But dreams are not a reality whereas positivity combined with perseverance are ingredients for success.
Where would the richest of the rich be today had they not chased an opportunity?

While there is never a perfect time to start one’s own business, every day is a good time to commence research but not to make snap decisions such as quitting a current job to be lured into unexplored territory without preparation or sufficient finance.

Priorities should not be ignored either. Is the ultimate gain to make more money? To have more leisure time? More flexible working hours or to be your own boss? No longer being obliged to report to someone else?

The old saying that it takes money to make money is very accurate, thus the need for financial backup to get started. Businesses generally take about 3 years to stabilize so sufficient capital is essential.

Having the perception that from the beginning everything is going to work out just fine is short-sighted and many first time business owners attempt to live up to that unrealistic expectation.
One can spot opportunities all the time but the tricky part is to convert to and execute the ideal plan. Many beginners tend to work with a confusion of ideas instead of focusing in order to achieve results by acting within a framework.

Those “first- timers” who often fail, confuse a product with a business. One needs to be aware of all components such as culture, needs, marketing and legal issues and maintaining good relationships with all who come into the equation.

Lastly it is normal for people to be fearful of failure and rejection and difficult to accept not being good enough.
Conversing with any highly successful entrepreneur it will be said that it is impossible to achieve long term success without going through several incidents of failure and concede that the very failures act as a learning curve to success !

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