Valentine’s Day might have come and gone, but love in a broader sense is everlasting even if in its many disguises!

In an attempt to analyze love, it encompasses strong emotional states with degrees of intense inter-personal effects to less complicated light-hearted love affairs with simple satisfaction achieved.
Love is one of the most unique emotions in the world and can change lives forever, little wonder that some avoid such a commitment like the plague!

True love can be the glue that keeps a relationship solid perhaps unlike love at first sight which is more of an immediate attraction like a magnet that pulls two souls together, loaded with infatuation and no doubt sexual chemistry! Being sexually attracted to someone is most energizing but does not necessarily translate to “being in love”.

Love like good wine takes time to mature but there are pitfalls along the way and negativity such as jealousy, possessiveness and lack of trust commonly exist. True and lasting love can be compared to threads woven together, forming a strong bond.

There are cases, few I would imagine, that two are “together forever” commonly called soul mates having strong bonds never to be broken, this in fact being somewhat of a myth as humans are built with the capacity to love over and over again. This is a great advantage as it is most emotionally disturbing to never get over a high school crush or lose a partner due to divorce or death.

Love in many ways is like a two sided coin, there is devotion and then there is infidelity which can lead to bitterness, mistrust for life and even violence.
Some people just “fall out of love” or are not sexually satisfied, are motivated by revenge and some have the justification that infidelity boosts self-esteem.

In conclusion does love “make the world go around”? Love is so complex that I leave this to the individual to consider the statement !

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