We consumers, who walk the aisles of major health and cosmetic outlets in search of quality, tried and tested beauty products often come away confused and disillusioned. How then can this be avoided and give confidence in making a correct purchase?

This week’s blog will attempt to give clarity and knowledge coupled with scientific research as to what should give the desired results.

I the writer, am sure that you, the reader ` find it extremely tricky to not get into the clutches of the product promoters who at times literally form a barrier in an aisle to capture your attention!

So when you are confronted with an army of tubs on the shelves promising to restore youth, repair damage and so on, take courage and examine the inclusions. Those listed below have been well researched as against the “fly-by-night manufacturers” wishing to make a quick buck!
Of great importance is the understanding of the ingredients mentioned below, then make the right decision regarding your skin’s needs.

Amino acids

These are compounds that form proteins, the building blocks of life. Amino acids help our bodies to grow and repair body tissue.
Creatine is one of the essential amino acids for skin for functioning and also play a role in the production of collagen. Creatine also ensures that the body stays hydrated, surrounding the cells of the skin with a thin layer of water protecting from heat, UV rays and pollutants.


These are natural and man-made substances protecting against free radicals. Smoke, sun and pollution cause damage which can result in cell death.
Some powerful anti-oxidants can be part on ones diet such as fruits, vegetables and berries, plus green tea and extracts of grape seed.
Glutamine is a powerful example to combat aging. If insufficient, the body will then draw it from muscles which results in sagging and crepe like skin.


This is the term for the entire vitamin A molecule. Retinol is found in many skin preparations giving support and also plays a role in collagen production and helps build elastin.
However, there is a warning regarding the use of retinol due to its potency possibly resulting is a flare-up with burning and itching skin if the skin is not used to VIT A. It is therefore recommended that it be introduced with care, adding a little of the product to ones moisturizer as a buffer. Depending on the brand, ask your salon for recommended usage.
In some prescription only preparations, it is in the form of retinoic acid.


A vitamin like substance throughout the body. This anti-oxidant helps to provide vital energy to the cells. Cosmetically it is found in creams, gels, toners etc.
Its basic function is to “zap” free radicals.
Many older people tend to have a deficiency causing wrinkles and “crowfeet” around the eye area.
Good sources are oily fish, liver and whole grains.

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