Welcome readers !  No doubt, some will know the origins of Fathers Day, but for the uninformed, here are some comments, whether agreeable or not!

A mother by the name of Sonora Dodd, was attending church in 1908 with the sermon of the day; welcoming and honoring the commitment of mothers, which gave her inspiration regarding men.

Thus, in the year 1908, Father’s Day was born, but what inspired her was admirable.

The previous year, within the community, 312 men were killed due to a coal mine explosion, their loyalty and duty never revered, thus Father’s day was established.

However, should we revert to much earlier time, the real origins are traced to Babylon 4000 years ago when a son carved a message to his father on a clay tablet, wishing him a long and happy life.

Yet another acknowledgment arises due to tremendous hardship in a family.  A mother, a mere sixteen years of age died during child birth. The father, William Jackson raised six children plus the newborn. This hardship was honoured with Father’s Day.

Generally, South Africans have been loyal to Father’s day,  occurring on the 3rd Sunday within June each year. 

However, habitually being cocooned to celebrations and religion, it is of interest to explore the following –

Islam does not recognize the concept of Father’s day, as respect and humility are essential on a daily basis.

Hindus generally pray for creation, the father of the universe.

Though China has many celebrations, Father’s day is not essential.

Within Judaism, every day is Father’s day, actually honouring both parents.

Besides the love of one’s father, this day will certainly boost the economy – one merely has to observe gifting and the over-booked restaurants during this annual celebration.

Wishing each and every special dad a blessed day on the 18th!