Glands are sac-like structures having important secretory functions.

To commence, the human skin is the largest organ of the body.  The following will give an understanding of their importance and irregularities that might occur.  Some discussed are exocrine glands as they secrete outside the body.

Others are apocrine; associated with the eyelids and in the case of ears producing wax.

While on the latter, the primary composition is sixty percent keratin, shed skin and fatty acids. Strange stuff that our doctors will syringe out of one’s ears if problematic. The action of chewing naturally dislodges ear wax, so going to the expense of having this removed, is often unnecessary.

Way back in history, it was discovered that sperm whales have a considerable build-up of ear wax named ‘cerumen’. Eventually, this would be dislodged and left floating on the ocean, and hard to believe that this precious “gunge” would be used in the perfume industry known as ‘ambergris’.  This fatty substance can be used in the manufacture of lip balms.

Hair, nails,  sweat and oil, named ‘sebum’ are classified as exocrine, all being problematic at some time of our lives.

Issues occur when sebaceous glands produce excessive oil, often a precursor to acne. In other mishaps, clogging of sebum can cause shiny raised lumps.

Acne is a debilitating skin disease, one of the worst disorders cast on mankind as it is visible, often difficult to withstand, and can cause emotional disturbances.

Consulting with a Dermatologist is the best solution & should never be delayed.  

On the other hand, sweat glands might produce insufficient perspiration, a term called ‘anhidrosis’; a danger as the cooling of the body is compromised. Alternatively, excessive perspiration can have an odour and can become embarrassing. How does one approach a friend, or worse a lover with nasty body smells?  Much tact is needed, and one sufferer persisted in giving the culprit anti-perspirants as gifts, but not everyone gets the message !!!

Your medical Doctor can give the right prognosis and suggested advice to overcome this often debilitating condition.