In 1872 “the ladies book of etiquette” was written and it is not surprising that so many of the rules are still applicable to this day. However, acceptable behavior varies enormously from one culture to another. A case then arises of not wishing to offend others but at the same time not wanting to sabotage one’s own ideals.

Although considered a glamorous industry in which to be involved, it can be fraught with issues as pleasing the customer is paramount to being successful in a highly competitive scenario.
On the whole, the expectations of women are generally high, resulting in quite a challenge for the make–up artist, masseuse or hairstylist!

Regarding the hairdressing industry, the clients can assist by adhering to some of the rules of etiquette by being honest in approach, without being obnoxious. Lack of courtesy is most evident when a client fails to adhere to an appointment and neglects to cancel – compromising the stylist’s routine and possibly his or her income.

Once a client is in the chair, stylists find certain mannerisms irritating – continual answering of calls, the frustration of texting, “guiding” the expert in her job, having changes of mind during a process, gossiping and hopping around, chatting to all, and sundry and treating this as a social event; this a pleasurable outing from the rigors of home or office!

From the client’s point of view, should he or she be unhappy, an opportunity could arise to state dissatisfaction during or after the process in a polite manner.
Should an occasion arise if a loyal client wishes to support another salon, honesty is the best policy and discretion important.
The topic of tipping often arises, the outcome depending on a number of factors such as appreciation and satisfaction or alternately a client adhering to a yearend gratuity.

In juxtaposition to the atmosphere of a hair salon with the hum of hairdryers, client chatter, and aroma of chemicals, entering a wellness sanctuary evokes renewed energy, a connection to self, and an escape from the mundane and daily life that can take a toll on wellbeing.

To emerge oneself into a world of pure luxury with an ambiance of calm, of fragrant oils, bath crystals and massage is not an extravagance but an opportunity not to be missed.
South Africa has some of the finest sanctuaries and resorts, some offering meditation, Reiki and Yoga.

Matsimela has teamed up with a number of these to offer you a variety of treatments.

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