The power of thought has become quite a vibrant topic and perhaps the realization that the strongest can move one in a certain direction albeit that this may not be to an advantage.
In other words, are we the product of our thoughts? Dwelling on negativities of the past ` could such energy result in fearing the future & holding back, resulting in a destructive outcome?

However, science has identified circuits that play a role in illness and depression and there is debate whether unprocessed emotional energy stored in our muscles, organs and tissues can undermine well-being.

There is no denying , that an immediate emotion such as fear and anger can indeed cause the heart to pound, breathing to be accelerated and in the case of sadness or trauma, the eyes to produce tears.

From a positive prospective, we have frequently been told that the mantra “ I must” or “ I should” will alert the brain to stop re-looping old habits and interrupt thought patterns.
To the contrary, it is currently of the opinion that this puts a demand on impossible tasks and activities and is not conducive to mental health. It is therefore to an advantage to enjoy rewards when success is achieved.

With a view to feeling mal-aligned, “out of sync” to what can this be contributed ? There are in fact many reasons such as changes in ones health, diet, or as a result of too many positive ions in the atmosphere, mental trauma and hormonal disruptions.

So, reverting to the commencement of the blog and the effect on body cells, what exactly is a thought? is it “something that one tells oneself, is it physical or a manifestation of a deeper process associated with soul or spirit?” This is a tricky one to answer – science aligns it to chemical changes in the brain, mystics and others on a dualistic theory, that is whether one’s mind is separate and has no physical connection to the brain.

As for energy, binaries exist througout nature. There is no day without night, no sorrow without joy, layers of consciousness radiate from within and the scales continue to find equilibrium.
Both positive and negative energies exist in the sexes and qualities resonate from within aside from social expectations. Have we not all experienced a presence felt when someone enters a room?
In conclusion, what is your vibe?

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