Human beings tend to have emotional and even irrational attachments to items; take for example coffee mugs!
Apparently, a large percentage of people in the west are devastated if a cherished mug is chipped, broken, or goes missing. This can arouse an increase in temperature, sweating, and even panic!

This might sound bizarre but it all comes down to personal ownership.
Emotionally the colour, the logo, and the memories are most significant, and lo and behold taking another’s mug in a staff room, an office, or at a relatives home can lead to dire consequences!

So why all this drama? Why are these intense emotions not aroused over a plate, knife, or fork?
The answer is actually quite apparent – mugs are invariably gifts and have the mark of a souvenir and a keepsake.

Compared with other items, mugs can reveal one’s identity – a logo associated with a team, a motor car club, or a beloved school alma-mater can arouse emotions.
Graphics of animals are perhaps the most popular, revealing one’s love or even obsession with cats, dogs, horses, and so on.
Time, place, and associations are also significant. Take for example the mug on the shelf as a reminder of a lousy relationship. In retrospect, some good times did however exist!

In comparison to teacups, mugs are the ultimate. There is something heartwarming about one’s hands around a mug, not forgetting that superb aroma of coffee, milo, or cocoa drifting towards one’s nostrils. There is just no comparison with tea.

In closing, a mug as a gift falls into the category of quick, easy, and stress-free. With Christmas just around the corner, one cannot blame merchandisers for having an abundant stock of these. Readers may find it is time to do a little clear out before the new beauties arrive!

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