The word contemplate means ‘to look at or view with continued attention; observe or study thoughtfully, to consider thoroughly; think fully or deeply about’.

To improve oneself can be quite a task due to the demands of life and even more challenging if one is self-critical, but a new year can in due course be inspiring; burying mistakes of the past.
In the long run, focusing on one’s successes is a booster as against morbidly recalling the wrongs of the past and some suggestions follow –

Focus on events or actions that enhance life, put aside issues in the past once guiltily ignored.
Praise oneself for making moves previously thought of as risky or reckless.
Put pride aside and ask for help when needed that perhaps previously aroused fear and guilt and realize that this action is not degrading.
Focus on changes one could have made but shelved them for another time.
Try to ignore regrets and fears of the past; as one door closes, another opens.
Treat one’s mistakes as lessons, not a life sentence.
Attempt not to be attached to emotions, let them go as they clutter the soul.
Block too high expectations of self so as not to feel incapable and desolate.

In conclusion a few saying from celebrities `

“Guilt is a rope that wears thin”
“Guilt upon the conscience is like rust upon iron”
“Guilt is morale self-reproach”
“People who are incapable of guilt have a good life” !!

Whatever your outlook on the year end may be ` look to the positives, take cognisance of the incredible attributes of the year and allow these to memorable. Draw on these for the basis of an unbelieve 2021 ahead.

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