Generally speaking not, but with excessive use this could occur as in the case of suicide attempts.
As there has been considerable exposure on the topic of opioids via Television documentaries, the content herein will explore the use of these drugs for many who may be uninformed.

Pain and pleasure are among natures strongest motivators. The ancient Sumerians referred to the opium poppy as “the joy plant“ and the Chinese swallowed opium cocktails in advance of surgery.

Prior to the greater availability of medications, alcohol was a way to “dope” oneself – alcohol often thought of as a stimulant, but is in fact a depressant.

The origin of barbiturates relates to the early 1900s; a German chemist having created a formula and was the founder of the famous Bayer chemical company.
Due to his extensive research he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905.

Within the bracket of known barbiturates, most commonly used are sleeping pills, which reduce anxiety and induce sleep. However, there are a number of negative effects such as slurred speech, reduced inhibitions, loss of memory, impaired judgements and confusion.

Typical opioids are tramadol, codeine, morphine and heroin but in what manner do these medications affect the brain? Physiologically, the substances attach to specialized proteins within the brain and spinal cord and can have negative results like constipation, a lowering of blood pressure and respiration.

Barbiturates dissolve easily in fat, have easy access to the brain crossing the brains blood barrier.
As a result of this, opioids diminish the perception of pain being signaled in the nervous system and also produce euphoric effects which encourages abuse, with a high risk of addiction. In addition, chemical activity in the brain transmits signals which can reduce muscular spasms, all of which are threatening and not conducive to being normal and alert in a demanding world.

In conclusion, it is a tragedy that many of the rich and famous are overcome by addiction and end their own lives as a few mentioned below :

River Phoenix aged 23, Amy Winehouse 27, Heath Ledger 28, Elvis Presley 42, and Michael Jackson 50.
Excluded are the thousands perhaps known to their own families who should be sympathetic and encourage professional rehabilitation.

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