Media in the spotlight

This week’s content will focus on the local and world news, why it is beneficial in being up and running on current events, or on a negative note, these being harmful to one’s emotional status. A common saying might be relevant “what one does not see, one does not grieve.”

This topic is so appropriate right now with the exposure of several USA cities “alight” with masses displaying revenge due to the irresponsible police actions leading to the death of George Floyd.

However, with such wide coverage of all worldly events, one can choose to be informed, irrespective of the outcome on one’s emotions having a multitude of television channels and other literature on hand.

Unfortunately, bad news can arouse mental outcomes such as feelings of guilt and sorrow, and some who witness the tragedy of others experience flashbacks of the traumatic events.

Emotions differ so from one person to another, from dramatic reactions to those more “hardened” types, they possibly justifying the fact that these are merely photographic images to be witnessed.
Critics of those who avoid world affairs see them as disconnected and living in “neverland” – a dream world detached from reality.

“Dreamworld” may well be appropriate in these times whilst we attempt to bring some form of normality to our days due to Covid-19.

The lock-down has stimulated many emotions like fear and distrust, anxiety, the matter re-adjusting to new time frames and a missing piece of the solution, being a great worry, lack of normalisation in times ahead.

However, on a positive note – we welcome the onset of level 3, arousing greater positivity and freedom not experienced of late.

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