Vibrations – the 6th sense

It is fascinating that the entire planet has a mysterious hum, forever a low droning sensation,  originating beneath our feet or above in various forms of life.

Naturally, this oscillation occurs at various frequencies,  relating to forms of life on or below the earth’s surface.

Stronger vibrations have more sustenance. Take for example a massive earthquake that occurred in Japan in 2011. According to scientists, a ring was felt globe-wide months afterward.

Much vibration is also created by ocean waves continually banging on the seabed.

One tends to minimize how vibrations activate the lower species. For example, certain plants have a sensation of self, display a basic knowledge of responses such as the flow of water, and can pick up the sound of munching insects. This can too apply to leaves.  Mushrooms can produce bioelectrical voltage, and a level of unexpected intelligence, allowing interaction with other groups. 

Roses have the highest vibrations reminding us of the mystery of unfolding life.

In the realm of insects, a mass of fireflies due to their vibrations start flashing in a synchronized manner.

Ants know what path to follow and walk in lines in a “follow the leader fashion” by touching the body ahead which leaves a chemical trace.  In this way, their pathway can become uninterrupted. Vibrations are responsible for insect sounds. For example, crickets rub wings together, locustes their legs, and male and female moths at great distances away meet due to connecting vibrations.

In conclusion, animals’ acute hearing and the earths’ vibrations enable them to flee for safety, often to high ground.

Living in a fascinating world, human sight and sound is significant, but seldom unfold the mysteries of “the other world” attempting to survive above or below us.