All things in the universe are in motion, even though appearing stationary, are actually oscillating in motion.

Within the human body, vibrations in comparison with others are of a lower frequency; termed infrasonic – waves arising from our heartbeat, respiratory movements, the functioning of organs, and the flow of blood in our vessels.

Consciousness can be aroused in the way vibrations occur and each of us could therefore receive information from beyond our bodies. A sense of order can emerge from the chaos in certain instances.

It is thought, that persons with compassion and kindness have a greater ability to connect with other forms of life, albeit, they are of lower consciousness. This is debatable with some skeptics.

When order emerges from chaos,  minus interference, this could well be due to universal vibrations beyond human perceptions.

Animals of a smaller nature are incredible and to mention just a few frogs, snakes, and bats have ways of navigating by vibrations that astound humans.

Our ground is not as stable as we humans might perceive it to be, as negative energy can result when the habitat is disturbed such as gouging out the earth for tunnels, construction, etc. This of course plays an enormous role in the preservation of our environment.

Plants it has been found,  have more nutritional value when sound waves stimulate cellular growth and some studies have apparently shown that certain plants react favorably to music !!

In closing, a tale of vibrational reaction is interesting albeit scoffed by some as nonsensical.

A Scotland Yard clerk was given a live lobster for a meal.  Legend relates that as this creature was dunked into boiling water, the leaves and stems of his office plants started cringing and swaying as if demonstrating pity.

Well, the hippies of the 1960s may have been correct in saying  “it’s all about vibes man!”