It appears that there are many opinions to verify this and if manipulation is ongoing, much confusion and distrust arise in the public arena.
Many issues arise because journalists need sensational and dramatic content and therefore publish eye-catching articles.
Adding to this, the public, in general, is quick to catch on to traumatic broadcasts and conspiracy theories, be there an element of truth or lies.

Disregarding newspapers, the rise of TV stimulated news to greater heights, especially in the arena of propaganda and conspiracy theories. The visuals as against print made a huge impact.

Bad news is more eye-catching than good and it is known that the heads of companies can give staff scripts ahead of interviews to enhance their point of view; being a form of manipulation.

The media affect our culture by sharing ideas and opinions and very often lies are spread faster than the truth. Newspaper editors can ramp up restrictions be it to stimulate business or to calm a fearsome public.

The arrival of the Corona Virus has stimulated not only debate but conspiracy theories and we have almost put aside the fervor of previous issues such as the deaths of J.F Kennedy, Princess Diana, the shroud of Turin, the 911 attacks, and Roswell – the landing spot for UFOs!

Without a doubt, Coronis19 has aroused extreme narratives and Governments can distort statistics to under-estimate the seriousness of the issue and attempt to avoid mass panic in populations.

Clamping down on news updates will only arouse suspicion amongst the public who may like to align information with their viewpoint and wish to dispel the present fear that exists – only time will tell.

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