The countdown to Christmas


Being totally realistic, time is now tight and many will be in a flurry with 1 week left to achieve that which begins to look more like the impossible.
However, this is no time to be overcome with nervous exhaustion so hopefully some shopping tips and precautions below will bring back a sense of normality.

It doesn’t help that some “whizz kids” got it all together and that their well calculated time management allowed for “all done and dusted” by shopping on Black Friday.
As the 25th gets closer, people are near hysterical to get through it all, the malls being a total nightmare exacerbated by lethargic strolling down the aisles habitual for some .
Although the majority of youth are totally in touch with a huge variety of gifts thanks to massive information on the internet, parents do not necessarily give permission to purchase on line. Younger children are generally not price related snobs and this gives a sense of joy when choosing gifts for them.

Parents should have well planned lists for gifts and food items and for those who are employed it will be wise to remember that the December pay cheque can give a false sense of security resulting in cash balances crashing dramatically due to unplanned spending.
As for kids lethargically hanging around, parents should investigate holiday clubs and other activities, some even cultural or compassionate, participating in animal related activities such as assisting at an animal shelter.

Often in today’s world of over indulgence, many commodities are quite excessive and as a result close friends and relatives have come to a decision to eliminate wrapped gifts and rather contribute to food and drinks for the festive table. And should one decide to “ditch” the turkey, a well dressed over sized chicken will suffice!

For those who have to budget carefully, charity shops have a wonderful choice of items, some original never to be seen in the mainstream stores resulting in an element of surprise to the recipient.

What might be termed “Samaritan gifts” are acts of goodwill relating to the true essence of Christmas in a way of supporting less fortunate children or donating to a charity for the aged which can give lonely and cash strapped people an uplifting dinner on the 25th of December.

Gift vouchers always have been a “quick fix” when all inspiration fizzles out. However one must be aware of purchasing from reliable companies. In the event of any going into liquidation, the purchaser will be the loser, stuck with a useless piece of plastic !

During this stressful time of year mums will do well to treat themselves to relaxation at home. A calming soak in your choice of Matsimela bath salts followed by a massage with one of the decadently fragranced body butters or oils will soothe nerves and revive the energy needed for the days ahead !

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