Keeping pace in a turbo charged world sometimes means going against the stream. In previous times one’s association with people was vastly different, but the rules of the game have changed as we are now trying to keep up with ourselves. This sense of urgency can be connected to technological advances. Even our perception of time has changed. “now” has become the “new yesterday” as time has been warped.

Many people are stressed and overwhelmed contributing to pounding the path to what might be termed an imaginary finishing line.
The obsession of cell phone connection has brought many to the thresh hold of rudeness, tolerance of others being lowered considerably, the reason being “I am too busy”.

Whether texting, voice mailing or emailing “ghosting” means simply ignoring messages, not responding or simply disappearing which is commonplace and can be hurtful to others.
Even the threshold of rudeness has been lowered considerably. After all one does not have to visibly see emotional reactions.
Sadly the former rules of etiquette at times no longer exist.

Come to think of it ` people now carry their social lives in the palm of their hands and the true personal touch is fast disappearing. It is almost as though an individual life has become a video game. Furthermore, the smart phone offers unpredictable awards. Just as in gambling, this elevates dopamine receptors and it can be quite a challenge to stop the addiction. The disconnection with people is increasing and negativity results as gadgets take centre stage.

The networks offer online communication with like-minded people and tolerance with different mentalities is shrinking.
As we become divided we forget what we have in common and create distances from those who are knowledgably intelligent and caring, compromising valuable relationships.

What solutions then lie ahead to counteract this negativity? Reviving what might have previously provided interest like reading, exercising, getting connected to nature, joining a yoga or meditation group is a good start! Surprisingly, connecting with old friends can be enormous fun, mulling over ones crazy experiences and the joys that the relationship once offered. One need not be stuck in the present to enjoy life.

Lastly some hours spent at a wellness centre out in beautiful nature will act as a digital detoxification, clear the mind and release one from the hamster wheel of technology !

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