A delightful time, but for many a nightmare due to the discomfort of allergic reactions.
Irritating as what they are, there are solutions. Though one cannot select the air one inhales there are solutions to other problems as discussed in the article.

Hay fever, itchy eyes, allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion are all typical symptoms and more seriously depletion of oxygen causing collapse.
Pollens, dairy products, nuts and fish [more so in adulthood] can be culprits in setting off reactions.

Ignorance often exists regarding Moulds . Many have invisible bacteria growing within releasing mycotoxins. Mould on foods is just the tip of what is occurring within. Spores, under suitable conditions grow producing the blackish or green hues on bread, fruit etc.
It is safe to say, that “when in doubt, throw it out”.

Animals too can cause much stress. It is not necessarily that visitors detest your pets. When ones adorable pussy cat grooms with that rather ongoing exhausting licking, allergens arise from dander [fine loose particles of skin] from fur, saliva and even from cat urine.
Both cats and dogs have a blood protein called albumin which can also be a culprit.

Horse lovers may be most perturbed when realizing that rhinitis, asthma and shortness of breath can be caused by these much loved creatures.
It may be significant to relate this incident to illustrate how threatening allergies can be. One year at the derby in the UK a punter hearing the news that her horse had “Come in” hugged the dear beast only to collapse struggling for breath. Luckily emergency services were on hand and her winnings, a small fortune were later collected !

Rabbits make adorable pets for children but parents are often puzzled as to why their off-spring develop nasal and other problems. The protein in the animals saliva is once again the problem. Guinea pigs too make cute pets but create similar problems. Allergens can lurk in straw and bedding in cages.

Besides the massive choice of medications offered in pharmacies and health shops, there are alternate ways of dealing with allergies :

Extracts of the butterbur plant, in tablet form or liquid as a tea, block chemicals eliminating the drowsiness experienced with anti-histamine products.

Stinging nettle leaf in capsule form counters the histamines associated with allergies.

Intake of apple cider vinegar with increased potassium will assist in the break down of mucus and alleviate runny noses.

Inhaling the fumes from a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water is an excellent way to clear blocked passages. Alternatively drops rubbed onto the chest before bedtime will have a similar action.

Lovers of hot spicy food will be delighted to know that ingredients like garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper can thin out mucous.

Fortunately many allergies subside as seasons change.

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