Whatever era comes under discussion, the occurrence of ‘them and us’ will always exist, stimulated by many factors like age, appearance, social standing and now more than ever before, tolerance where age gaps occur in adapting to technology.

In a ‘real world,’ it is therefore commonplace to place people into little boxes, but social media castes a new light on this scenario as one either adapts or chooses to happily live in a cocoon.
This adaptation is discussed regarding different age groups, tolerance, and understanding.

What effects has the age of technology had on the youth? Some mature people view the youth as being so influenced by online media, which does not facilitate better relationships with those who are outside of their universe. Older folk may view this as the wearing of ‘rose-tinted glasses’ as visuals are misleading and not concrete in their world.

Some glorified images are certainly not a validation of self and can be emotionally degrading as a perception arises that others have better looks and a better life which can lead to physical isolation, being drawn into a vacuum, and arousing depression in some cases; the de-humanization here being the culprit.
Fortunately, there is little time for boredom due to a stream of hourly distractions and notifications seeking replies and possible commitments.

It is now interesting to tackle the topic of conversation. Prior to the obsession with cell phones, tablets, Facebook, and more, the family was a unit, sharing viewpoints and debating issues verbally, this interaction being stimulating in ‘real-time’ and strengthening social ties. This evoked physical emotions in contrast to cell phone pre-programmed trinkets like hearts, flowers, and mournful or grinning emojis!

Many mature people struggle and the stumbling block is to keep abreast in a fast forward world, risking isolation as communication with youth can be daunting or non- existent.
One psychologist wisely states that chasms need not exist and that the youth and more mature can converse, best-keeping topics light-hearted, avoiding criticism of one another, focusing on current trends, joke about experiences such as clashes with parents, significant in all eras leading to common ground!

In conclusion, during this stressful lock-down, technology has been a lifesaver in facilitating communication both socially and in business matters albeit that we face a long road ahead.

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