Generally speaking, recklessness is a state of mind when a person pursues a course of action, throwing caution to the wind, whilst consciously disregarding the consequences, actually more blameworthy than careless behaviour. These “dare-devil” actions may persist regardless of the consequences.

There are reasons for these actions being more dominant in youth. One typical example is “fitting in and being cool”. Strangely at times this can backfire and criticism arises from the group for the person trying too hard !

Very often “ fitting in” means connecting to the group mentality with some popular actions deemed right. The casting away of reason and caution are acceptable as the security of belonging is tantamount.
Some dominant individuals even offer the tough, bold and fearless scenario to impress the group. Those attitudes too can backfire as the transparency of the actions are soon realized.

Despite the above, foolishness can dominate when people perform outlandish acts to be cool and humorous.
Quite sadly good comedy is often swept aside as the media, like television and the movies emphasise stupidity as being hilarious, the more idiotic the better which seems to have great appeal !
It might be apparent that art movie theatres frequently reveal loss of income, while main stream showings haul in the profits.

In the realm of cosmetic surgery, women are often seen to be reckless and impulsive when body changes are on the agenda.
Some real disasters occur when lips appear to have been stung by bees, breasts appear too elevated or worse deflate and normal eyebrows are replaced with harsh permanent ones, so severe that the mind could conjure up the image of a samurai warrior !

In less drastic situations, consumers can be reckless and fickle when discarding authenticated, proven cosmetics for newer ones [and many appear on the market with regularity] lured by the exotic packaging, crafty advertising only to discover that the promises made were short-lived.

So we may ask, is there a positive side to recklessness? From an early age, youth have it “drummed into them” that experience is the key to success. However a subtle situation can exist if recklessness reveals a competitive edge but has ultimately to be utilized to advantage.

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